Allow us to introduce you to 10-year-old Tobias Bass, who has a sibling with Cerebral Palsy. Now, Tobias wants to push his brother, who has been diagnosed with CP, in a 5k race. 

Tobias wrote a letter to the News 9 team about his wish and asked for their help. The young boy, Tobias, needed a stroller big enough to carry his bother. He didn't want them to buy him one, he was looking for one to borrow for the weekend. And that's where the story begins, with a letter asking for help.

Tobias knows that his brother can't do the "normal things" other kids do, but he doesn't want his brother to be left watching. In a nutshell, Tobias wants to be his brother's legs.

See what one letter did for two brothers. This type story reassures us that there still are good kids out there. We hope that you all would share this story with your friends. This little boy deserves all the praise for being such an inspiration.