A couple in northern California thought that when their 10-year-old daughter woke up in pain and had blood in her underwear, that she had just had her first period.They told her to go back to sleep. Five hours later she woke up still in pain and the parents figured out that she had been shot by a stray bullet.

According to the Dad:

"I heard shots. I thought they were something else. It sounded like bulbs popping"


When the 10 year-old was sleeping, a bullet from a drive-by shooting entered her room and wounded her in the buttocks. The crazy thing is, if you watch the video. Their house was sprayed by bullets. The Dad didn't even call the police after hearing gun shots. The parents are using all kinds of excuses from,"he thought it was light bulbs" to "he thought someone else would call the police."

Put yourself in this situation. You hear gun shots, your daughter comes to you in pain and blood all over her and you blow it off as her first period? It just doesn't add up.

When they finally took her to the doctor, he informed the parents that the blood was from a bullet wound. The 10-year-old girl remained in stable condition, and police have no suspects or motive for the shooting.

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