2 Chainz recently put a Grade A groupie on blast after she snuck backstage to get a little closer to the rappers. The entire exchange is embarrassing, but hilarious.

Let this be a lesson to all women (and some of you dudes) who are willing to do just about anything to be in the presence of rappers and other celebrities. One by one, 2 Chainz (very loudly) asks his posse if this "thot" (click here if you aren't already hip to that jargon) belonged to any of them.

After no one claimed the girl, it was then realized that Tina was brought in by mistake under the assumption that she was another girl named "Teena."

Chainz then warned the girl that she was in a "blog territory" -- meaning that any and all action backstage would be posted online for the world to see. (remember this for later in the story)

So what did Tina do next?

While many would hide their face and find the nearest exit, Tina decided to give out her Twitter and Instagram name @Luvtinaa and even asked if she "looked good" as she playfully teased her hair for the camera.

Her thirst was SO real that even with PLENTY of opportunity to abandon ship, she decided to hang around and stick to the story that she was invited by 2 Chainz homeboy rapper Cap-1. This ultimately led to her becoming the laughingstock of backstage, and now the internet.

Even after she was put on blast, she continued to embarrass herself by horribly mispronouncing August Alsina's name in an effort to compliment 2 Chainz on our way out of the door.

Now that the video has gone viral, Tina has taken to her Instagram page and announced that she plans on suing 2 Chainz for the embarrassment she has experienced since the video has been posted.

I'm not really sure how much of a case she will have, being that she looked directly into the camera and literally spelled out her social media information.

Good luck to you Tina. But based on the celebrity groupie trophy case she so proudly flaunts on her Instagram page, it's clear that this girl is as thirsty as they come.

Who's side are you on? #Team2Chainz or #TeamTina? Comment below!