Would you leave the great state of Louisiana if you could? In a recent Gallup poll, 40% of the people in Louisiana say that they WOULD leave the state if they could.

Luckily for the state of Louisiana, we're not at the top of the list when it comes to citizens wanting to leave, we'll award that slot to the state of Illinois. Still, why would so many people want to leave Louisiana if they could---most cite their reasoning for work. Most that would consider leaving Louisiana say that they would leave to seek work else where, or leave the state to seek better opportunities.

As American History would teach us, when Americans are on the move it's actually a good thing. When Americans are on the move and seeking out new jobs/better opportunities, the housing market remains stable. Basically, when Americans are at work they are buying homes and there are fewer homes going into foreclosure.

Those in the states of New York and Connecticut say that they would move if they could because of the high cost of living in those respective jurisdictions.


So which states seem to have the most content citizens where they live? The answer would be the states of Montana, Maine, Hawaii, Oregon, New Hampshire, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.


Would you consider moving out of Louisiana if you could? Tell us why you would jump borders if you could in the comment section below. I have a feeling someone in south Louisiana will say it's because we don't have a beautiful gulf shore.

Source For Story: Gallup