Late last week, Kayne West must have let the fumes of his new romance with Kim Kardashian affect his brain cells because in the craziest Yeezy outburst since the Taylor Swift incident, he actually had nerve to refer to Kim K as "his Beyonce." What does that even mean Kanye? One can only assume that what he is saying, is that Kim Kardashian is to Yeezy, what Beyonce is to Jay Z (???)

Don't get me wrong, Kim Kardashian is hot. She has also become filthy rich and famous by selling herself, (no pun intended) and despite what her haters may say, she's pretty darn successful at it. But no matter how large her backside, or the Kardashian empire may be, Kim isn't even close to being in Beyonce's league. Here are 5 solid reasons why Kanye should never make that comparison ever again.

Beyonce Can Actually Sing And Dance

Let's just put this out in the open right now. We all know why Beyonce is famous. The girl can sing. The girl can dance. From her early days with Destiny's Child, to her chart domination as a solo artist we are all aware of her incredible talent - not to mention her acting career. Do I really have to remind you all about Kim's "singing?" Having your dad represent OJ Simpson, being pretty, hanging with Paris Hilton and making a sex tape can indeed make you famous - just not 'Beyonce famous.'

Beyonce Is Way Better At Relationships

The only guy I have ever heard of Beyonce being involved with has been Jay Z. Since the couple started dating in 2002 and ultimately got married in 2008 it has been one guy. They recently welcomed their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, into the world and are seemingly one big happy family. Kim on the other hand has had very public relationships with numerous celebrities and athletes, not to mention a couple of failed marriages along the way.

Beyonce Is Way Classier

In addition to only being with one guy since 2002, Beyonce has also made it a point to keep her personal life private where Kim on the other hand has capitalized on hers (reality show anyone?) and even though a LOT of people would love to see a Beyonce sex tape, there isn't one out there and probably will never be either. She has definitely found the perfect balance of being sexy, but still being a lady.

Beyonce Is Probably Way Better In The Bedroom

The double edged sword in the release of Kim Kardashian's sex tape is that it did make her insanely rich and famous, but now the world knows that she is quite the bore in bed. Beyonce doesn't have a sex tape, but if one had to judge based off of her videos and live performances, Jay Z is one happy man behind closed doors. I think it's pretty clear that Beyonce knows how to throw down when it counts the most, and for a solid decade Jay Z hasn't gone anywhere.

Beyonce Is All Natural

I hate to ruin it for all the Kim K fans who are unaware of what I'm about to say. Kim isn't all 'real.' She has all sorts of body part augmentations that give her that overall 'bootylicious' look. While we are talking 'bootylicious' lets also remember that Beyonce created that - literally. From her chest to rumors of her artificial trunk, Kim has definitely had some work done. Meanwhile Beyonce is about as real as it gets. Plus have you ever seen Kim without makeup?

What do you think about Kanye comparing Kim to Beyonce? Is it even close? Are you #TeamKim or #TeamBeyonce?