In this day and age fashion trends are ever-changing. If you jump on the latest "thing" it could be a risky move that may cause severe regret when you stumble upon pictures reflecting your poor "fashion statement" years down the road. I can admit guilt, but like many others I blame it on my "youth." Poor decision making as a result of being "young and dumb."

Men often look back on those fashionably embarrassing moments and laugh, and recently my favorite magazine (Complex) took a look back over the past couple of decades to find the 50 Men's Fashion Trends That Never Should Have Happened.

Even though I'm guilty of a few of these, I have picked a few of my favorites from the list and I invite you to do the same and comment below if you are man enough to admit to any of these fashion fails.

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    I don't care if Beckham did it, unless you lived in Europe you looked like an idiot. It was only worse if you were the type of parent to give your kid one too.

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    Layering Polo Shirts

    When one isn't enough.

    I don't know what was worse, tripling your laundry load with one outfit or the fact that some of these polos came pre-layered.

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    Bieber-Style Hair

    Seeing with one eye is so cool.

    Even Bieber got rid of his Bieber-Style hairdo. If you are still rocking it, you should immediately follow suit.

  • 9

    Sport Sandals With Socks

    The ultimate foot fail.

    Unless you just took off cleats, there is no excuse.

  • 8

    Trucker Hats

    I blame Ed Hardy.

    I still rock them, but minus the jewels and tattoo art.

  • 7

    Shutter Shades

    Thanks Kanye.

    You can't see through these. Stop wearing them.

  • 6

    Carpenter Jeans

    From 93-95 I never worked on a house, or a carpentry project. If the same goes for you, then you are guilty too.

  • 5

    Ski Goggles

    I can count the times it has snowed in Lafayette in my lifetime on one hand. You have no excuse if you have ever rocked a pair in the Mall of Acadiana.

  • 4

    Nascar Style M&M/Mars Candy Jackets

    Not sweet.

    You are a walking cavity. Stop it now.

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    Tall Tees

    If you're under 6'6, shame on you.

    This was rap's uniform in the early 2000s. File this one under ring tone rap and Federline.

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    Girls Jeans

    Sir, get out of the junior misses section.

    Before 'skinny jeans' dudes were literally buying women's jeans to make a fashion statement. Now that labels have been putting out slimmer jeans with guys in mind the boys below have room to breathe. Now give your sister her jeans back.

  • 1

    Frosted Tips

    This was never "cool." End of story.

    Sadly, some guys STILL think this is "hot." Apparently some of the bleach must have leaked into their eyes and impaired their vision. Gross.