Going in for a doctor's appointment can be a stressful experience, especially if you've been experiencing severe and abnormal pains. Self examining through Google may create more stress and a misdiagnosis. This guy in China went to the doctor to obtain a concrete diagnosis and finds out he's a woman? WTH?


Can you imagine? You go to the doctor for stomach pains and say :

You: Ok Doc give it to me straight...whats wrong with me.

Dr.: Well...Ummmm the good news is the pain isn't life threatening.

You: Sweet : )  Is there bad news ?

Dr.: (the Dr. clears his throat) You can now win custody battles. LOL!

You: Huh?

Dr: You're a woman.

You: That explains everything. LOL!

Turns out the 66 year old Chinese man has a ovarian cyst.

According to CBS News:Doctors said the discovery was likely made so late because of the patient's exceptionally short stature -- about 4.5 feet tall -- and the fact he had a beard and what appeared to be a micropenis, a term for abnormally small male genitalia, according to the National Institutes of Health. No testes could be detected.

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