Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, that is something that we all know. The big companies like Walmart and Best Buy get you all hyped up for seemingly discounted big ticket items, from TVs, Blue Ray players and the latest gaming systems. The one thing they don't account for is your safety, but I must say in recent years they have spread out the Black Friday sales to different times, even adding Cyber Monday.Although, it does cut down the madness just a tad, it's still not a shopping experience I would look forward to. The crazy thing is, I don't think people care that its crazy on Black Friday. If you're thinking of doing the Black Friday shopping thing, I have a seven minute video that just might change your mind.This is pure craziness at its finest, from people getting trampled on to fights over a 10 dollar toaster to just crazy fights for a spot in line. You have to check this video out. It just might save your life.