OK, it's been a few hours, so it's perfectly fine for us to start making fun of this whole Kim Kardashian "divorce" thingy. If the fact that Kim honestly thinks we believe that she wanted it to "last forever" or the fact that Kris Humphries had "no idea this was coming" and "found out through TMZ" isn't funny enough, then this list of stuff that had a longer shelf life than Kim Kardashian's lame way to make tons of money through endorsements/advertisement while simultaneously fueling drama for her family's reality show marriage to Kris Humphries.

Lasted 33 Days Longer


Lasts 47 Days Longer


Lasted 26 Days Longer


Lasted 176 Days Longer


Lasted 78 Days Longer


51 Days Longer (And Counting)


Lasted 13 Days Longer