When 8-year-old Micheal Diamond of Garfield Heights overheard his parents talking about how they did not have the funds to give his grandmother a proper burial, he sprung into action. Michael set-up a Kool-Aid stand in the front of his house to raise money for funeral expenses.

On day the first day he only made $55, far from the $5000 he needed, but when a local news station, Action 19 News, heard of Micheal's story they jumped on it. That's when business really picked-up for the young Ohio boy. People all across Ohio and around the country caught wind of what Micheal wanted to do for his family and they responded with a huge amount of support.

Parents from all over the state were bringing their own kids to support Micheal and his efforts. Reports say that some people were paying as much as $100 for a single cup of Kool-Aid at Micheal's stand.

His father says that after his son's story went viral, his son was able to raise $5,547. Like so many, we too think it is refreshing to hear such good news for once. See, there still are good kids out there and this type story does offer up hope that our younger generation can do the right thing in certain situations.

If you would like to contribute to Micheal's cause, you can make a donation via PayPal. Use the following e-mail address to make your donations, TeresaDiamond@yahoo.com.