We have all seen the commercial where the camel is walking around an office and it's asking workers what day it is and he replies, in a very unique voice, "Its Hump Day!!!" Now, one school says it's students are taking that popular catch phrase to the halls and they are tired of hearing it.

Vernon Center Middle School has banned it's student's from mocking the ever so popular Geico commercial on it's campus because teachers say that the kids are mocking the television commercial so much, that its become a distraction. Yes, kids are walking the halls at this school saying, "Its Hump Day" so often that teachers think its time to put a stop to this latest "distraction."

I agree with one parent in this news segment when he said that there are probably bigger issues on campus they could be addressing or worrying about other than this. Sure, it may be annoying for now, but like any other catch phrase out there it will come and go. Not too sure about this decision here. What do you think about the school addressing this?