A driver in North Carolina is waiting to hear what he may be charged with after he ran into the back of the "Booze It or Lose It" Police Command Center. The police department was conducting a soberity checkpoint over the weekend when the accident happened. Luckily, the initial reports out say that nobody was seriously injured in the accident, but charges are pending.

Police says, 21-year Douglas Shane Southard was driving the Camaro. Shane was transported to Catawba Memorial with non-life threatening injuries. Authorities believe Shane had consumed alcohol prior to the crash. Charges are pending in the case.

As Southard's luck would have it, the police were picking up from the checkpoint and about to leave the area as soon as she hit their command unit. Lesson learned here, if you drink and drive you will get caught!!! Perhaps the "big man upstairs" sent him a message with this little run-in with the law.

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