Just think guys all those times you shaved yourself, you could've been making doe.  This is the first ever fur coat made out of 100% male chest hair, cuz butt hair was just to gross. LOL!  Check out the pic.

According to Huffington Post it was developed by the British arm of global dairy company Arla, the new Man-Fur Coat is created from discarded male chest hair, according to food industry news blog The Grocer.

The furry brown garment took four designers 200 hours to produce, according to the BBC. Hair for the coat was donated by 300 male volunteers, whose discarded chest hairs filled more than a dozen cardboard boxes.

If you want one, and I did say "If"... It will cost you $3,999.00.. I think Ill pass, but I would sell my chest hair if they had the right price.. Seriously tho... who would buy this?


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