If you missed this on the morning show Wednesday, we broke down your career by the numbers. By that I mean throughout your career you will drinks "X-Amounts" of coffee and you'll switch jobs "X-Amount" of times.

The Daily Mail broke down your career like this, and may I add some of these numbers are alarming. The average worker will experience such throughout his or her career:

--The avg. person will have six different jobs at six different companies, plus go on four interviews at companies that decide not to hire you.

--The survey says you will get twelve pay raises in your career. We advise you to not hold your breath on this on.

--You will engage in three major work arguments and 875 minor ones.

--Shockingly, you will use 125 sick days throughout your career . . . and you'll show up late 188 times. (Showing up late that many times explains why you may go through six different jobs.)

--Because so many of use rely on stimulants throughout the day, I am not really surprised that the average worker will drink 45,500 cups of coffee through their career.

--Lastly, the average worker has ONE office romance in their lifetime. As I mentioned on the show this morning, I am not sure if that involves romance with a co-worker or you and your soul mate engaging in "adult relations" in your office. This statistic is up in the air.

Source: Daily Mail