A woman in College Station lived most people's nightmare when she opened her bathroom door and found a 12-foot python slithering around her tub and toilet.

Victoria Rodriguez says that the snake had to have gotten into her house through a door that was left ajar while she transported her daughter's guinea pigs back to their cage one evening. Rodriguez says that she decided to bath her daughter's pets last week, but while he was transporting them back to their cages, she'd leave the door open for a few minutes. She believes that's when the snake made it's way into her Texas home.

The woman says while on the phone, she heard noises coming from the back of her house and after going to check on the source of the noise a few times, she didn't see anything. Well, the third time she heard the noise that is when she discovered the huge snake in her bathroom.

Rodriguez slammed the door and ran outside to call a family member, who ultimately called 911 for assistance.

Upon arrival, the first officer walked into the house with a small paper bag and that is when Rodriguez told the police officer he'd need something bigger than that to coral the snake. After several attempts, police were able to get the 12-foot python in a garbage can and put it outside until animal control could pick it up the next day.

The snake was taken to a reptile rescue facility, but later returned to it's rightful owner.

As to be expected, Rodriguez says that the incident has left her shaken up and she is having trouble sleeping a week later. She does admit she is much more focused on closing all entries into her house after her latest discovery.

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