After being arrested at his home, and subsequently released by the New England Patriots earlier this morning, Aaron Hernandez has been charged with the murder in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez who was arraigned in a Massachusetts courtroom, where he was also charged with 1 count of carrying a gun without a license, 2 counts of possession of a large firearm, and 2 counts of firearm possession.

Hernandez has pled not guilty.

Prosecutors say that Hernandez and the victim communicated just 10 hours before the victim's death. They also believe they have video evidence showing Lloyd getting into a vehicle with Hernandez, and well as proof that Lloyd texted Hernandez just hours before his death.

Interestingly enough, the "smoking gun" that prosecutors believe they have isn't a gun at all. It's a piece of gum. During the hearing, prosecutors say they can prove that Hernandez stopped at a gas station before the murder took place and purchased gas, cigarettes and blue cotton candy flavored Bubblicious bubble gum.

After Odin was murdered, investigators say they found a shell casing that matched the bullet used to kill him, and right next to it - you guessed it - a chewed piece of cotton candy flavored Bubblicious bubble gum.

Herndandez has been denied bail, and will remain in jail.

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