And the most frequently asked question every time it rains really hard..."do we have school tomorrow?" Well, for one parish so far in Acadiana, the answer is yes. St. Mary Parish public schools, along with Glencoe Charter School will be closed tomorrow due to the massive amount of rain expected over the next 24-36 hours. According to the St. Mary Parish School website

'All St. Mary Parish schools and offices will be closed on Wednesday, January 9, due to predicted hazardous road conditions and the danger of flash flooding. The need to extend closures will be evaluated late Wednesday afternoon'.

If your school is not listed, get your sleep, because come tomorrow, you'll be headed to class. Of course, any time you have a weather related situation, things can change. If we get any further closures we will add them to this story.


All public schools in St Martin Parish (Upper and Lower) will be closed Wednesday, January 9th. Also, Iberia Parish and Vemilion Parish public schools will be closed on Wednesday.