So far, my little Acadiana Craigslist web series has only featured items, but as you may or may not know, Craigslist is so much more than just items wanted/for sale/for free. There is also a personals section that features men seeking women, women seeking men, rants, raves and my favorite; Missed Connections.

A missed connection is when you see someone out in public, (stranger or old friend) and didn't quite make the connection. This is almost a digital shot in the dark to find someone that you didn't get the chance to talk to or connect with at some given point in time. I see how it can be helpful, but I can't ignore how creepy it is either. Every now and again, missed connections offers up a non-romantic example and it is downright hilarious.

Check out this missed connection that happened on Hwy 90 in Broussard, and who knows, maybe this will bring them together once and for all, lol.

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Relax. It's okay. You had a temper and I know you felt bad afterwards because you let me pass twice and looked down both times. I'm sorry and I know you probably couldn't see the truck holding us up intially because your car is smaller than mine. I just felt compelled to write.. If you somehow find this, please contact me, or at least know I wish I could have brightened your day up instead! What color were our cars and did you have something hanging from the rearview?

Date: 2012-03-15, 10:43AM CDT
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