As I do every week night at 7pm, we open-up the phone-lines to all of you right here in Acadiana and in South Louisiana for out Hot Topic Of The Night. Tonight, Monday, I wanted to know what or who may have ruined your Monday? Whether at work or just in general, many of us get often get off on the wrong foot to start our work week. Tonight, two callers got rather emotional when they discussed their Monday.The first caller heard a few calls, and wanted to put things into perspective when it comes to having a "Bad Monday." The caller received some rather bad news today, and made many of our problems seem like they weren't so bad after all. Secondly, a caller is dealing with a death in his family, and got rather emotional when it came time to discussing a loved on while On-Air.

All in all, tonight should have taught all of us that just when you think that you are having a horrible day, or the worst day of your life, remember that there is probably someone out there having a worse day that you. We, all of us here at HOT 107-9, would like to let these two callers know that they and their familes are in our prayers and thoughts.