Valerie Dodds/Facebook

Valerie Dodds, also known as 'Val Midwest' is serving a 45 day jail sentence for taking nude photos a year ago. The bad part is, it was on the grounds of an old Catholic high school she had once attended.

Valerie Dodds pictured below said in the article on Huffington Post :

"I feel like I'm harmless as to what I did, and they are definitely bringing the hammer as far as the sentencing goes"

Ms.Dodds took the pictures over a year ago. She said she took the pictures out of revenge on the Catholic high school that ridiculed her for appearing in XXX movies.

The pictures were posted to her adult website and that's what led to the charges!

Do you think a 45-day sentence is too harsh of a sentence? This is what she posted on Twitter last week.

What lengths would you go to in order to get back at your bully?

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