American Eagle's Aerie lingerie brand is aiming to crush the retouched supermodel stereotype with a campaign that features only real, natural, unairbrushed models.

The girl in this photo has not been retouched.

"The real you is sexy" is just one of the many phrases in the numerous text over image graphics that adorn the pages of Aerie's website. The models are of all shapes and sizes, and all appear very confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Some may see this as somewhat of a knock on supermodels who train extra hard to achieve that "photo shoot ready" runway look, but according to Aerie, with all due respect, thats not the case at all.


A sister company to American Eagle, the mission of Aerie's ad campaign is to try and prove that having flaws is human and being natural is a beautiful thing. In a society that obsesses over things like flat stomachs and thigh gaps, it's refreshing to see a company telling their customers, "the real you is sexy."

The real you is sexy.

Aerie also realizes that even on an unairbrushed model, the bra she is wearing may look different on another body, figure and/or cup size. Because of this, Aerie features their bras on a range of different models, so that customers can see how it would look on a body type most similar to theirs.

They even give them the chance to be featured on their website, by simply using the hashtag #AerieReal on Instagram and Twitter.

Do you think that keeping it real will help Aerie sell more of their lingerie and apparel?