LSU Tiger Football fans may be sleeping a little bit better tonight as we have learned that the Alabama Crimson Tide's  National Championship Trophy, a $30-Thousand crystal trophy, has SHATTERED!!! Yes, the crystal trophy BROKE!!! The Coaches' Trophy from this season's BCS national title was accidentally knocked off its podium and shattered by a player's father whose foot got caught on a rug that sits beneath the trophy display.According to ESPN, the university is already making preparations to have the trophy replaced.

Now, this isn't the first time the crystal prize has shattered. If you recall, in 2008 the same type accident happened at the University of Florida and in 2004 a pair of Championship trophies were stolen from Flordia State.

As a fan of LSU, this story brought a little smile to my face today. After all, the Crimson Tide defeated LSU, 21-0, this year in the NCAA National Championship in New Orleans.