Cell phones can be addictive, but are they now causing some in relationships to consider cheating because their significant other can't put phone down? The answer, yes!!!

In a recent survey, 45% of people admit that they have either cheated on their partner, or were considering it, because they pay more attention to their phone than to them.  The math is pretty simple. That's almost HALF of us. Women between 30 and 50 years old were the most likely to feel that way.

What is so funny about this, and there is some comedy here, of those who said that they are considering cheating on their partner because their partner pays more attention to the the cellphone than them say they plan to use their CELL PHONE to connect with someone outside of their relationship.

Personally, I CANNOT stand when someone you are trying to talk to is locked-in on their phone. Sure, we live in a world of instant communication, but can we not put the phone down for just a minute? Or at least put it down to save our relationship?

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