It seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to Jaycee Badeaux on the last cut before the top performers hit the stage for the live tv appearances, but blink an eye and it's down to two. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have survived the cuts and now we'll find out this week who will be the latest American Idol. If the final two contestants are any indication, then it seems America's gone country. Not since season 4 winner Carrie Underwood has a legitimate country artist been in the top two, now there's two battling it out (and both under the age of 18). The last time someone under the age of 18 took the Idol crown, it was Jordin Sparks (who was recently in the news for her twitpics). Even if you're not a fan of country, it should still be an exciting finale. I've got my favorite (actually, it's my favorite by default as all my other favorites were voted off), and that's Lauren Alaina. I feel bad for saying this, because he's not even an adult yet, but Scotty's singing style kinda creeps me out.

From the way he holds the microphone to his facial expressions and his head tilt, I just can't watch him sing. That leaves me with Lauren, who is much easier on

the eyes and has a great voice at the age of 16. With the way America has voted this season, I have my doubts that I'll be backing the winner, but stranger things have happened (example: Taylor Hicks).

Flip a coin America, it's your call, who's going to be the winner of American Idol Season 10?