Season 12 of American Idol returns to FOX tonight, at 7pm Central, and the build-up this season seems to be not on the contestants, but rather the judges. The million dollar question so far is, how will Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj get along this season while both are on the judges panel of American Idol?

The show will once again be hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and the only other original of the show, Randy Jackson, will return for his 12th season on the judges panel. Joining the show for the very first time as judges will be Marian Carey, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj.

Idol held auditions in several cities throughout the United States looking for the next American Idol, and the show actually made a stop in our neighboring city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am anxious to see if anyone from Lafayette or the surrounding area makes the cut on the show.

Sure, Idol's television ratings have been down in recent years, but I always get excited for the first few shows of the new season. I cannot lie, I still do enjoy seeing the bad auditions, yet always look forward to the the "feel good" stories. I like that shows like American Idol give ordinary people a chance to chase their dream(s). So many people that succeed on Idol may have never had the chance in the music industry if it weren't for shows like American Idol.