Cancer can strike anyone at anytime. It doesn't play favorites and it doesn't play fair. Here is another story of one of the lucky ones who found out in time and was able to survive through the help of St. Jude and the generosity of others.

Digital: Can you tell us your St. Jude story?

Ben LeBlanc: It started around Easter when I was five. I had fallen and gotten some bruises. A bout a month later my mom took me to the local hospital in Rayne. The doctor ran some tests and ended up diagnosing me with Leukemia. They told us we had to go to St. Jude's as soon as possible so we left that night. We packed for two weeks and ended up staying two months.

Digital: You were a small child when this happened. How much do you remember?

Ben LeBlanc: I do remember the first night getting there. The trip there, getting to the hospital, and not knowing what was going on. I didn't know what was wrong with me, my parents didn't know what was wrong with me, and I was so young.

Digital: Were you scared?

Ben LeBlanc: To be honest I was a little scared, but mostly I was in awe.

Digital: So you get to the hospital, you're in a whole new world, everything happened literary overnight. What happened next?

Ben LeBlanc: From then on they diagnosed me and started me on chemotherapy right away. It was nonstop treatment. Those first two months were the most hectic two months of my life. My parents were still learning about everything. Nobody wants to experience this, but it was definitely something that made a big impact on my life.

Digital: Let's talk about today. How old are you now?

Ben LeBlanc: I'm 19

Digital: How has everything been as far as check ups? Has anything come back?

Ben: Everything has been clear for 13 years.


Ben is 19 today and his life is a tribute to the impact that the kindness of others can make on a person's life. We need more Ben stories. More happy endings for children diagnosed with cancer. More people who survived cancer because of the work that St. Jude does. Become a Partner In Life today. Commit to $20 a month and help us make more stories like Ben's. Call our toll free number 1-800-364-9665 and donate. For more information on Hot 107.9's St. Jude Radiothon click here.