For the third week in a row, we have another photo surfacing on the internet and on the local news of a HUGE snake in South Louisiana. This time, KATC-TV 3 is reporting that this huge snake was spotted in New Iberia.This photo, to the left, was submitted to KATC-TV 3 and the person who took the photo THOUGHT that the snake is a python. However, after further review, a PROFESSIONAL says the snake is most likely a "rat snake," which is of no threat to humans. What catches many by surprise here is that "rat snakes" are not normally this long.

Previously, we have seen photos of large snakes surface in Broussard and in the Oberlin. The Louisiana Wild Life & Fisheries were called to the scene to remove the snake from the area, but we have no word yet if the snake was removed.

Again we would like to remind you that if you see a snake this size, please do not try to relocate the snake by yourself. You should call the proper authorities in the event of seeing such a snake. The number to the Louisiana Wild Life & Fisheries is 1-800-256-2749.