Later today, Apple will reveal what new technology and gadgetry they have in store for us at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The keynote is scheduled for later this morning, so by noon we will all be looking forward to the day that we can line up to get whatever unnecessary product Apple makes us feel like we can't live without.

But what will those unnecessary products be?

Thanks to our friend at Padgadget, we're bringing you a roundup of rumors consisting of things we may (or may not) see revealed at WWDC 2012.



iOS 6

One thing we know for sure, is that iOS 6 will be a major part of the 2012 WWDC event. Now as far as what features will be included in the next edition of Apple's mobile operating system is yet to be seen. Rumors have hinted at more Facebook integration, Siri for iPad and more integrating with iCloud.

OS X Mountain Lion

This is another one that is pretty much confirmed, with Apple releasing the beta version earlier this year, look for the new operating system to almost bring iOS features to the OS platform, which sounds pretty interesting to me.


Look for more features and apps to by synced in the cloud. Notes, Reminders etc.




Don't count on a new iPhone at this event, but don't rule it out either.

iPad Mini

As cool and exciting as it may sound, it's still a little soon for iPad to have a mini-me.

MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air

This is the rumor I'm most excited about, and the rumor that has the most evidence to back it up. It's been a while since Apple has significantly upgraded its MacBook line, and now seems like a better time than ever to introduce machines that boast more memory and the retina display seen on their mobile devices.

Apple TV

Before Steve Jobs died, there was rumor of a BIG announcement about a television-related something. Whether it was an upgrade to the current Apple TV or a display that stands on its own, we may never know, but the latest version of Apple TV is only a few months old, so I would say it's highly unlikely.

No matter what, Apple's announcement won't let anyone down, unless of course they announce all the rumors we already know. I'll be looking forward to hearing the words, "oh, and there's one last thing." Tune in at Noon via the live blog, courtesy of The Verge, who has done a great job covering WWDC events of years past.