First it began with Rihanna agreeing to lift her restraining order against Chris Brown so they both could attend industry events without any trouble. Then last month Rihanna started following Chris Brown on Twitter, and vice versa, out of the blue. Her fans gave her an earful, which prompted Rihanna to tell them "Its f****n Twitter, not the alter!" Now with rumors speculating that the two are moving towards dating again, she may have some explaining to do.

According to Atlanta-based celebrity photographer Freddy O, RiRi & Breezy have started to see each other again and even recently met up at a mutual friend's house in LA after the restraining order expired. Back in early 2009 Chris Brown was arrested for domestic abuse on Rihanna, and since the incident both artists have kept their distance. Rihanna's followers and fans have been super-supportive, standing by Rihanna in hopes that she wouldn't return to the abusive relationship like so many other women in the same situation have statistically tend to do.

Even though these details are sketchy at the moment, Rihanna might have to do some explaining to her fans if indeed these rumors do prove to be true. Sources say

Ri-Ri’s always loved Chris—that never changed. They’ve texted and Skyped each other a lot recently and met up at a mutual friend’s house in Los Angeles after the restraining order expired.

Chris has said he’ll be as patient as she needs him to be but after being slammed on Twitter for just following him, she’s begun to worry that they may never get to be together in public.

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