There has been an increase in HEAD LICE amongst teenagers, and now some are blaming the "SELFIE' for the increase in cases reported.

By now we all know what a "Selfie" is and this really does seem to make sense. You and friend get really close to each other and snap a photo of yourself with the cellphone. Well, in order for this to happen more often than not the two people in the photo get so close to each other your heads touch, and then that's when head lice is transferred.

A lice expert named Marcy McQuillan in Scotts Valley, California says that teens are so obsessed with taking "seflies" that they are forgetting to practice proper preventive measures.

Parents, this may a good time to tell your kids if they are going to take the "Selfie" with a friend, NEVER rub heads with each other. By the way, wasn't the "Selfie" always a photo of just yourself? I guess that idea is a thing of the past, right?