Now days there are tons of different ways to express oneself though music, artwork, or sports.

The easiest, and more frequent way, I have seen lately and though out the years have been simply tattoos.  There is nothing wrong with them because what I have been told is that behind every mark is some meaning or story that a person holds dear to them.  As true as this may be......I am going to far to say that over the years have they become more of an addiction that some people need to satisfy?  According to some professor's believe that the addiction is real, even though their quote reminds me of pringles:

"Tattoos are like potato chips.  You just can't have one."

Some people, granted go against this opinion and say it is a form of expression which is completely cool since society has taught us to stand out as individuals.  At the same time though, could the addiction for being 'inked' be the spike in the tattoo removal industry?  I have talked to many people, some very close friends, saying that they regret the tattoo that they received in their earlier years.  What do you think because are confused?!?