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One of the most difficult lessons to learn as you grow and face different hardships and happy times is that there is no one reality. While we'd like to believe that reality is the same for everyone, it simply is not true. Reality is heavily biased based on the different experiences and perceptions of the observers. Two people can have differing views of the same situation and both be correct because of the flexibility of reality.

But what does all this flexible reality stuff mean to you? When faced with difficult and confusing situations in which you are forced to interpret the thoughts, intentions, and decisions of others, it is often impossible to see things clearly without attempting to step into the other person's reality. In other words, take a walk in their shoes and immerse yourself in the experiences of their world.

Still, attempting to step into another's reality may not be enough because of a basic obstacle of reality; there may be other factors present of which you are currently unaware. Not so long ago before the American continents were discovered, the reality of what the world looked like for most Europeans differs drastically from what our belief of what the world looks like today. At any moment new information or the discovery of outside influences can come in and completely shift a persons view on reality. Like the Europeans long ago drawing maps without knowledge of the American continents, we are often guilty of drawing conclusions of what a picture looks like without stepping back and seeing the whole thing. Sometimes being to close is not a good thing. Sometimes you have to step back in order to see something for what it really is.

Remember, you'll never have complete access to the secret motives and intentions behind the actions of those around you, and therefore reality for you will never be what actually exists, but what you believe exists based on your perceptions. So are you living in the real world? Are you in touch with reality? Well, probably not, but don't feel too bad because no one else is either.

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