An arrest has been made in the New Jersey "nanny cam" beat down we showed you last week. 42-year-old Shawn Custis was arrested Friday in Manhattan by the prosecutor's office and the FBI.

Custis faces charges of attempted murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment. The brutal attack was all caught on camera last Friday and it allegedly shows Curtis breaking into the home and attacking the woman while a 3-year-old child witnesses all of it.

The woman suffered a concussion, a leg injury, bruises on her face, chipped teeth and cuts around her mouth. She says that during the robbery, she did not once cry because she was afraid to startle her child.

According to detectives, Custis was transported to an undisclosed location in New Jersey & is being held on a $750,000 bail.

WARNING: This video contains violence and may be disturbing to some.

Story/Video courtesy of nbcnewyork