As fast as the rumor mill churns in Hollywood, I'm not sure how long to hold my breath on this one. According to E-Online, Ashton Kutcher has been named as a potential replacement for the often-troubled Charlie Sheen in the re-boot of 'Two And A Half Men' on CBS.

For all the non-math majors (like me), don't pull out your calculators, the answer to the question is 2 and a half. All parties have been silent on the possibility, but according to E-News, we're not being punked. I kind of like the possibility, not being a fan of the show. I'm probably the only one who hasn't watched a full episode, but may actually begin if it gets started again. One thing I won't watch with Ashton Kutcher EVER again was the box office smash 'Dude, Where's My Car?'. For those who may not remember, here's a lil clip

'Dude Where's My Car?'