A recent photo surfaced on Facebook and it shows a receipt from a local establishment. The receipt clearly shows that someone decided to be a "big spender" in the establishment, but when it came time to tipping the server he or she may have forgot to extend the generosity.

We all know that those who work in the service industry do so for wages that are below the minimum wage standard. Sure, they know what risks are involved when taking the job, yet these young men and women rely on tips for their salary.

Its sad to see that someone in LAFAYETTE recently took someone's service for granted, and elected to not tip on a check that was OVER $200!!! For someone to spend over $200 in an establishment, in one setting, this tells me that the service could not have been that bad. Apparently he or she visited the establishment for a lengthy period of time and had the service been that bad, chances are the patron would have left the establishment prior to 1:30am & would not have spent the amount of money they did that night.

Even when I find the service at a bar or restaurant to be sub-par, I feel obligated to tip my server. One, I don't know for a fact that the poor service was completely his or her, the server, fault. Secondly, we don't know what is going on in the life of the person serving you. We all have bad days at work and to penalize someone for having a bad just doesn't seem fair. What I am trying to say is that tipping is a privilege, but more often than not, those working in the service industry are doing so in hopes of making ends meet without a guaranteed salary.

I hope that the person who failed to leave his or her server a tip on this receipt one day returns and graciously takes care of the same server.  That being, if the person who had the tab didn't compensate the server in cash. Its sad to see that anyone could utilize one's service for a lengthy period of time and not compensate he or she.

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