Watch what happens when a bald eagle is set loose and flies around a chapel, but only to soon crash into the windows of the chapel.

On “Golden Eagle Day” at Oral Roberts University last week, a bald eagle named Lewis was part of a special chapel service marking the start of the 2013 fall semester when things went horribly wrong. The bird circled the crowd, but for some unknown reason, the eagle went off course and crashed into the windows. The bird fell to the ground, but luckily was uninjured in the accident.

Lewis was suppose to circle the student body and then land on the arm of his handler, Roger Wallace of the World Bird Sanctuary, who was standing on the front stage.

We are glad that Lewis was not injured in this freak accident, but I can't imagine sitting there in the audience and watching this. The bald eagle is such a beautiful symbol, and to see it take a crash landing would be a little disturbing to me.