We have all seen this once or twice, in between innings or quarters, the team mascot comes out onto the field and dances around like it has lost it's mind. While it may be pure entertainment, often it ends in some form of embarrassment for the team mascot. Either it, the mascot, gets punched, falls down, or simply is left there, shamed as the crowd does not even acknowledge it's presence. However, that is not the case in this video. See what happens when the banana tries to up-one a security guard in left field.

While the banana thought it may have had the upper hand on the lone security guard in the outfield, the security guard was not going to be upstaged. See what happens when the banana silently offers a dance-off challenge to the man in blue. I don't think that the banana knew what was coming, and I am almost certain that the fans in attendance did not see this coming either.