Watch as this base jumper faces the worst case scenario as he jumps off the side of a cliff. His attempt to land safely on the ground painfully failed, and it's all caught on his headcam.

For one thing, jumping off the side of a cliff is dangerous, and to me it's just dumb -- but like they say, "to each his own." It seems to me that you would be pretty aware that you might die doing these crazy stunts, so do I feel bad for him? (shrug.)

The crazy thing is, Thayer Healey of Ohio survived the fall and will live to jump off of another cliff. Although, he will have some scars to remember it by, including a fractured vertebra, 11 stitches to the face, a severely sprained back, wrist and hand; not to mention, multiple bruises.

You can say he's pretty lucky being that he was out of the hospital the next day.