Seriously you cant even make this stuff up. You read that right, Bears sniffing jet fuel to get high. I wounder if Smokey the Bear would approve?

According to Igor Shpilenok spent seven months documenting bears in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve and discovered the bears love the smell of gasoline that is lingering in old barrels left there. They huff as much as they can, dig a hole for themselves, then pass out in what I assume is blazin' high.

Bear: Man, this is that RED S*** Snoop is always rapping about. LOL! We about to get HIGH today, Its Friday and you aint got s*** to do (in his Smokey from Friday voice)

 Bear: This time I'm bring my own keg to the party. Ill just roll up with my ceiling missing. (In his 2 chains voice..)

Igor said that some of the bears have become so addicted to these barrels that they stalk deporting helicopters, waiting for them to take off and leave drops of fuel into the hard soil for them to sniff. Who is gonna stop Cracky the high Russian bear. He weighs in at 12,000 lbs. Not gonna Happen.

Bear: Have you ever asked yourself why we are here man!  I mean, like, why are we on this Earth! Why do the stars look like little honey bees, like the bees in a Winnie the pooh movie. Can you believe they have a talking bouncing tiger, What if Tiger and Pooh hooked up. What would their kids look like.They would have little Poogers LOL!  OMG I'm High .. I LOVE YOU MAN! or Bear in this case..Rawrrrrrr  LOL!