S--- just got real!  Just when you thought that punching bag in the bar room was the coolest thing since a pool table. This game just might take the cake and all of your boyfriends time, wait for it .... BEER PONG ARCADE GAME.. Yes! Hell Yes! This is every frat boys dream come true. You will never have to wait on your drunk friend to play. Your balls will never get dirty, and you can play by yourself. Sign me up, lets go!


It’s called Beer Pong Master, and it’s made by  Bay Tek Games. They only have a few made in Las Vegas but we are pretty sure it will make its way down south. It looks super fun, in fact, too much fun. It keeps score, time, accuracy, and up to 4 people can play per machine. So no one cheats and everyone is having a blast.

Lets hope a bar owner in Acadiana will pick this up, I'm ready to play.