Not that this is BREAKING NEWS, but beer pong is a disgusting game. Clemson University researchers found that beer pong balls carry several kinds of dangerous bacteria.

The Associated Press reports that the researchers collected beer pong balls throughout a weekend of games and found that the ping pong balls carried the following forms of bacteria: salmonella, listeria, E. coli and staph.

As you may predict, the bacteria on the balls was carried into the cups containing beer that was later consumed by those playing the game. If you aren't familiar with this game, which is popular amongst college students, ping pong balls are tossed across a table into cups of beer and if one ball lands in a cup, their opponent must drink the beer from the cup. I know, disgusting.

For the past few years I have often asked, how can someone down a cup of beer with a ball in it that was on the floor or ground? Well apparently it doesn't really bother some of the players because the game was really popular in Lafayette about a year ago. Since then, I think the game has lost some it's popularity, but still there are those tossing ping pong balls across tables in hopes of getting their opponent intoxicated.

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