‘School’s Out For Summer!’, now what? Every year the same question pops up, ‘What am I going to do this Summer?’ You could completely shut down and vegetate in front of the TV, sleep late to avoid doing chores, or if you’re lucky, head out on a trip. If you’re not leaving and the other options just don’t cut it for you, here are some ideas that will get you through the dog days of Summer (some of which will also keep you cool).

  • Cajun Palms

    1055 N Barn Rd, Breaux Bridge

    Cajun Palms Website

    Cajun Palms is one of the hot spot destinations in Acadiana. It’s difficult (sometimes impossible) to book a cabin during the peak Summer months. One way to get in is to investigate employment opportunities. You could be chilling in the concession area serving snow cones and more, working the pool area and cooling off from time to time. It’s a really awesome vibe when you’re hanging out at the Palms, and having access to it as an employee might be just what you’re looking for.

  • Acadiana/Lafayette Lanes

    3227 Ambassador Caffery Parkway Lafayette

    2825 Johnston St. Lafayette

    Another way to keep cool is to see if there are any positions open at Acadiana or Lafayette Lanes this Summer. There are different possibilities, from birthday coordinator, to customer assistance to concessions, all of which are indoors, meaning no matter how hot it is outside, your work environment should be a comfortable one.

  • Gattitown

    4533 Johnston Street, Suite A Lafayette

    Gattitown Website

    : If you haven’t been to GattiTown, you’re missing out. From the delicious pizza to arcade games, to indoor go-carts and more, there’s plenty to do, and the possibility of working there means there’s a chance you could get to play Santa Claus…sort of. Every once in a while, an employee will walk through the arcade area showering the floor with tickets that the kids can use to trade in for prizes. If you’ve ever been caught in one of those showers, you know how valuable those tickets are. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and you can be the one giving.

  • Kart Ranch

    508 Youngsville Hwy. 89

    Kart Ranch Website

    For indoor climate control and outdoor water fun, working at Kart Ranch could give you the opportunity to do both. From the play area inside to the bumper boats and water wars outside, there are plenty of options to have fun, and all those options need people to monitor and maintain them.

  • Babysitting

    Your Home/Client's Home

    Safe Sitter Training Program

    The traditional stand-by job for Summer is still around. As long as there are babies and small children, there will always be an need for babysitters. Be sure to prepare yourself by taking a babysitting training course so you can be prepared for the job, as well as promote that you have training to do the job. No contracts, work when you want, pass on jobs when you’re busy, but babysitting money can sure add up over the course of a few months.