Last night, Justin Bieber made a LOT of people very happy. Every person who won tickets with us here at Hot 107.9 had a blast, and many - including Aimee Albarez, our meet and greet winner who actually got to hang with The Biebs - have reached out to tell us just how awesome the experience was.

But Justin Bieber's tour stop in New Orleans wasn't exactly pleasant for everyone - especially one Baton Rouge man.

Alex Bowen, a talent buyer for Baton Rouge's famed Varsity music venue was inconvenienced for the greater part of Tuesday as his phone blew up non stop with people inquiring about the pair of lucrative Bieber tickets that he was selling on Craigslist.

But, heres the catch. Alex never placed the ad.


Someone placed an ad selling a pair of tickets that were very close to the stage, citing an illness as to why Alex and his daughter couldn't attend the show. Alex doesn't even have a daughter!

Listen to the audio below, as I managed to get Alex on the phone to describe what it was like being on the receiving end of what may be one of the greatest pranks that I've seen in a long time.