If you haven't heard, this season's houseguests on Big Brother 15 is already been dubbed the most racist, homophobic and sexist cast of all time. The negative attention the show has received in the first few weeks due to the excessive bigotry was enough to make CBS address it on the most recent episode - and it's only week two!

Big Brother offers a live-feed that viewers can subscribe to and watch the houseguests unedited, 24/7. Many were upset when racist remarks, along with sexism and homophobia from some of the houseguests were conveniently edited out of the episodes that air on live TV. The Frisky brought up a good point as to why this misinterpretation of houseguests is unfair.

Given that this season, viewers get to vote on a weekly MVP — who then gets the power to nominate a third person for eviction — shouldn’t we be made more privy to the, ahem, negative characteristics of the houseguests?

Two cast member's (GinaMarie and Aaryn) employers have already fired them for their remarks, and Spencer's railroad job is also reportedly in jeopardy because of things he has said so far on the show. This chart below shows just some of the racist, homophobic, and sexist things some cast members have said so far this season.

The Frisky

This past Sunday CBS listened to the fans and included a few clips of Aaryn making racist and homophobic remarks about Helen and some of the other houseguests, but as you can see in the chart, she definitely isn't alone. If that chart above wasn't enough, check out this 11-minute supercut of all the bigotry thus far in the Big Brother 15 house.

Keep in mind, this has all been said within the first two weeks!

(Warning: Unedited NSFW Language)

[via The Frisky]