The rumors surrounding Facebook at this week's F8 Developer's Conference has the web buzzing. From the nerd-o-sphere to the average-joe-o-sphere everyone is anticipating "big announcements" from the social media giant. According to tech-site, Facebook plans to roll out a major redesign of user profiles.

Mashable is usually spot on with their predictions, but Facebook's lips are sealed.... sort of.

Two snitches sources familiar with Facebook's plans (who have obviously asked to remain anonymous) has spilled a few deets telling Mashable that the redesign is "major" and will make Facebook profiles optimal for consuming content. We have already heard rumors about Facebook partnering with other companies to launch their own music and media platform.

Here's what Mashable's secret informants have confirmed so far about the profile redesign:

  • The redesigned profiles will be more “sticky,” says one source. One of the goals of the new profiles is to get users to stay on them for longer.
  • We already knew Facebook is launching a media platform at f8. However, we’ve also learned that the platform — which will include music and video from partner sites — will display the media content a user is watching or listening to on their profiles. Essentially, when you’re listening to Lady Gaga on Spotify, your friends can see and access that on your Facebook profile. This confirms a recent New York Times report.
  • The redesigned profiles are part of a larger push into social ecommerce. We don’t exactly know what that means, but we’ve heard whispers that Facebook intends to give Facebook Credits more prominence. We’ve also heard that a Facebook app store may emerge at f8.
  • Facebook’s push into ecommerce may be related Project Spartan, an HTML5-based mobile platform rumored to be launching soon.

I honestly think that Facebook has been successful thus far for a reason. These new changes may not be well received at first (are they ever? lol) but in time, we will see things their way. Thursday is the big day, so until then, enjoy Facebook as we now know it.

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