This morning, "Big D," the custodian of all seven of our radio stations, was on the morning show & boy did he have a lot to say. First, we addressed his run-in with poison ivy and then we got into the discussion about his responsibilities this weekend at Girard Park.

When "Big-D" arrived to work this morning, I noticed that he had several "sores" on his face and hands. He informed me that he had a run-in with poison ivy this week and that things were getting better. The kicker to the story comes when he informed me that he was instructed to use "crisco" on his sores.

Later on the show, I brought up the fact that he had on a "Festival Acadiens Et Creoles" STAFF T-Shirt. "Big-D" informed me that he was working the festival and that he was in charge of supervising the ducks and nutria in the park. Yes, you read that correctly. He is bringing a net and a cage to the park this weekend in the event of him having to remove wildlife from the park.

You have to hear this: