As soon as I saw this pic of 26 year old Olivia Sprauer, I immediately started singing Van Halen's 1994 hit Hot for Teacher "I've got it bad, Got it bad ,Got it bad, I'm hot for teacher!". I'm so glad they didn't have teachers like this when I was in school. Nothing, I mean NOTHING would have gotten done.

So this is how the story goes, Olivia Sprauer, bikini model by night and now former English teacher of Martin County High School said she lost her job after one of her bikini modeling photos came to the attention of the school's principal. I guess calling herself Victoria James and trying to hide out on the net didn't work.

Demo Photograph

Olivia Sprauer told The Huffington Post she knew she took a risk when she decided to pose for bikini photos in February, but she decided she wanted to chance it.

"I don't make pornography. I don't open my legs on camera. I take swimsuit glamour style photography," Sprauer said.


Sprauer defiantly chanced it. She lost her job and the principal didn't even let her finish out the school year. Sprauer said the principal showed her one of her modeling photos, and after she confirmed the picture was of her, she was asked to resign that day. She taught freshmen and juniors and Sprauer says she will be attending the kids' graduation. Can you imagine if she taught sex ed. LOL! I'm pretty sure those kids are pretty disappointed that she didn't show up the next day at school.

I checked out Sprauer's pics and I will have to agree there is nothing bad about these pics. Its not porno, she did it on her own time, and even went by a different name. Check out her pick below and tell me what you think,

Demo Photography