Guys, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Last night, boxer Adrian Broner improved his overall record to 24-0 following a fifth round TKO of Vicente Escobedo. As HBO's Max Kellerman stepped in to interview Broner after the fight, the boxer interrupted and said he "had to do something on national television."

It was at that point when Adrian Broner called his girlfriend Nicole over, and dropped to one knee.

But, his question wasn't the one you're thinking of right now. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with marriage.

Boxer Adrian Broner Pranks His Girlfriend With Fake Marriage Proposal on Live TV

She later hit up Twitter to address the prank.

Everybody taking the brush thing seriously!! Geesh we only 21 n 22 can we b young n love for a min lol

[via Twitter @MissLouieBags]

Yeah, suuuuuuuure... it was no big deal .... right. Okay.