Well now, this has got to be kind of awkward for the groomsman. From walking down the aisle holding the bridesmaid in one hand to the post-wedding reception, gotta be the odd man out. I'm wondering, did he dance with the iPad? Did he bring her to the food table to check out what was available? Maybe get her a drink?

Now, 5 other things you can do using the iPad Facetime app:

1. Divorce appearances

2. Court dates - Just have your attorney post up with an iPad to make your appearance

3. Baby Delivery - For the squeamish, or for daddies that are overseas/incarcerated

4. Shopping - Now you don't have to go to the store with your significant other to tell her it looks good on him/her

5. Church - Imagine a congregation of iPads in the pews...difficult to get communion though.