There is a new trend out amongst bridesmaids and it has ladies showing off their backsides in wedding photos. Yes, ladies in wedding parties are lifting up their dresses on the "Big Day," and are showing off their undergarments, curves, and skin.

We aren't sure where this trend started, but having bridesmaids "moon" those looking at wedding photos seems to be "the thing" now amongst young ladies. I'm sure the bride has to give her approval for such type poses, but ladies would you even dare?

Do you think these type photos are just for fun, or will they be looked down upon in the years ahead?

I hope none of the young ladies in these photos have ever accepted their bosses friend request on social media sites. Such type photos would probably not work in their favor when it comes to applying for jobs or when it comes to seeking promotions. But then again, we are in the 21st Century.